The Arts

At Mossgate Primary School Art is an enjoyable learning experience where we enable children to love Art, either through looking at the work of artists or through engaging in creating works of art for themselves. We encourage children to take part in a variety of creative experiences through which we aim to build confidence and a range of skills. Drawing and Painting lie at the heart of our art teaching. Children learn to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques. They also learn about a number of great artists, craft makers and designers. In addition, we have developed a strong partnership with a local artist who works with classes each year, sharing her expertise and enthusiasm for being creative. We are also able to offer a nationally accredited award: Arts Award, having two members of staff who can deliver this to groups of children through after school clubs.

The Arts

The Mossgate Arts Council consists of eight Year Five children. Collectively they work together with Mrs Booth, the school's Arts Leader, to discuss Arts activities we are planning in school & to help to evaluate artists and arts activities the school has provided. In pairs they act as champions for each of the key Art forms; Art, Music, Dance & Drama.

"We love Drama because of the expressions you can show and the freedom in it.  There are no limits in drama therefore you can make new creations."

At Mossgate Primary School we are working hard to develop & maintain sustainable partnerships with local musicians and artists in order to provide an enriched curriculum where all children experience the opportunity to work with inspirational musicians and artist

We have a long tradition of working with More Music and particularly with one of their musicians, Ben McCabe.

During this year children in all our classes will have the opportunity to work with Ben on projects linked to class themes.

Last summer we were lucky enough to work with a local artist, Sue Flowers, who inspired the teachers and children in Year 4 and Year 6 to produce some excellent drawings and paintings.

KS1 Arts Award Club

This year Mrs Strong is running an Arts Award Club for children in Years 2 & 3. The club meets every Tuesday after school. The children will be working towards a nationally recognised qualification: ARTS AWARD at Discover level.

KS2 Arts Award Club

This year Mrs Booth is running Arts Award Club in KS2. The club meets every Friday after school. The children will be working towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification: ARTS AWARD at Discover level initially and then hopefully moving on toExplore level later in the year!

Here are examples of some of the children's work...

Inspired by Roman Architecture...

The children looked closely at examples of Roman buildings and then chose to use 4b pencils or black fine liner pens to recreate an image or a part of an image that interested them the most.

Hall of Fame

The children listened to and sang the song; Hall of Fame by The Script as inspiration for creating a symbol. The children picked a word of phrase or idea from the song to develop into a symbol.

Also the children acted as Singing Leaders in KS2 Singing to lead the rest of the Key Stage when the song splits into 2 parts.

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