Physical education is both enjoyable and purposeful at Mossgate. Every opportunity is given to develop physical competence and well-being.

The school offers a range of movement experience as required by the National Curriculum for Physical Education including Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Athletics and Outdoor Adventurous Activities for KS2.

Swimming lessons at Heysham Pool are given to Years 5 children.
The school recognises the importance of providing opportunities to demonstrate teamwork and take part in competitions. Children of all ages are informed of health and safety issues. Extra-curricular sport is also a feature of the school’s provision including: Dodgeball, Athletics, Netball, Football and Gymnastics.

Children are also encouraged to be physically active and play games at break time and Lunch time. We also have a weekly ‘Keep Fit’ club which is accessible for all pupils throughout the school.

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Mossgate Primary school

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Main Contact: Ms. A C Lawler

Tel: 01524 850 736