Most children are ill at some time during their time at school. It is better if your child does not feel well to keep him or her at home rather than he or she being sent home from school. If a child needs medication, he or she should generally be kept at home until the course is finished, or should take the medicine outside school hours.

Children who need to take medication daily to manage permanent conditions will be supervised as they take the medication. Any such medication is kept away from children in the school medical room. Parents will be asked to sign a form giving school staff permission to administer medicines to your child.

If you feel that your child has special circumstances, please contact the Headteacher to discuss your particular case. Always let us know if your child has or develops a medical condition, such as asthma, diabetes etc.

Unfortunately, the school accepts no responsibility for the safe keeping or administration of short term medicines. Children with asthma should have an inhaler in school and are expected to carry it with them at all times.  No medication can be administered without a consent form from parents.

When a child is absent from school a telephone call, a visit from you or a letter of explanation is needed. Please also let us have an emergency telephone number in case of accident or illness.  It is important to keep these numbers up to date.  The school reserves the right to say we are unable to administer short term medication.

If your child becomes ill during the school day and we feel they should be at home we will telephone you straight away.  If your child has a bump to the head which our qualified first aiders deem not to be serious we will send you a text to inform you that your child will be bringing a 'Bumped Head' letter home.

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