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Health and Safety

All staff are conscious of Health and Safety matters relating to school life, and carry out regular Risk Assessments for activities where hazards may present a risk to children’s safety.

Regular practices are held for emergency evacuations for instances such as fire, and annual visits are made by the fire service to educate the children.

A copy of the school’s Health and Safety Policy is available from the school and on the website.

Smoking:  The school and its grounds form a no-smoking environment.  It is illegal to smoke on our premises.

Dogs:  It is also important that you do not bring dogs into the school grounds (unless they are guide dogs) – or tie them to the school fence unattended - for health and safety reasons.

School Nurse: Our School Nurse is Linda Ellis.  She regularly visits school and is happy to discuss any health concerns you have about your child.  She can be contacted at Heysham Health Centre, Middleton Way, Heysham.  Telephone 01524 518595

Cycling:   Children may come to school by bicycle or scooter. These can be stored in the cycle shelter at the front of school. We encourage all children to wear a helmet and bring a lock to ensure their bikes are safe.A Cycling Agreement must be completed befre a child may bring their bicycleor scooter to school.

School Field:   There is no access to the school field when the school is closed.

E. Safety:  Children are taught to use ICT safely and securely.  This includes information on cyber bullying and how to keep yourself safe while using the Internet. The school now has e-safety integrated throughout the curriculum, with each year group focusing on certain aspects. The children start off with understanding about keeping their personal details, such as full name, age, address and school, a secret in Year 1 and progress through to learning about the validity of websites in Year 6.  The children also learn about how to use social media in an appropriate way and how things that are posted online are always there, even if they think that it has been deleted.

Mobile Phones: Children may bring a mobilephone to school under exceptional circumstances. Parents must complete a form for permission to be granted by the Headteacher.

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