Computing is felt to have an essential role to play in the children’s ability to acquire and communicate knowledge and ideas in a modern world. Children are given the opportunity to develop skills in a range of IT skills.

From Foundation Stage, through to Year 2, the children get to instruct BeeBot robots. These can be programmed to move in variety of ways. In Years 3 to 6 the children use Scratch in order to create and debug code. The children follow a progression that starts off with simple code which gets more complex using a variety of loops and variables. Children use the Internet to access information for research purposes in a range of subjects.

We have a clear E. Safety Policy and Internet Policy to ensure that children are able to access the internet in a safe and appropriate manner. A copy of these are available from the school office.

Computing is used increasingly in a cross curricular way with the addition of resources like Lexia, Mathletics and IPL to stimulate and motivate the children. Achievements in both of these are celebrated during the school’s celebrations assembly by the handing out of bronze, silver and gold Mathletics certificates and Lexia level achieved certificates.

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