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In Lancashire, all children who have their 4th birthday before 31 August 2019 may start school early in the Autumn Term 2019 if their parents wish it.

It is the policy of the school to admit all reception children in September. Parents and carers should put their names down as soon as possible if they want their children to come to this school.

We will contact parents on our admission list and send the Primary Admissions Booklet the previous September, following the procedures set out by Lancashire Education Authority.


Within this group the following admission criteria will be applied in priority order;

1.Children in Public Care, who are in public care at the time when preferences are expressed and are still expected to be in public care when admitted to the school, then


2.Children with older brothers or sisters, who will still be attending when the younger child starts school, (including stepchildren, half brothers and sisters and foster children who are living with the same family at the same address),  then


3.Children for whom the County Council accepts there are exceptionally strong medical, social or welfare reasons for admission which are directly relevant to the school (this category may include certain children with an Education Health and Care Plan), then


4.The remaining places are allocated according to the distance between the child’s home and the school.


We generally admit children to the school on a part- time basis for a short period of time at the start of the year to enable them to settle more quickly, as well as giving them the opportunity to spend a few half days with us during the preceding summer term.

Further details of our admission arrangements are given in our information to parents, prior to children starting at our school.



Any parent/carer who wants a place for their child at our school other than in the reception class at the normal admission time should first of all make an appointment to see the headteacher through the school office.

You will be shown around the school and be given the basic information you need to know.

Children are normally admitted as soon as possible following the offer of a place.

It is a locally agreed policy that schools will only accept transfer from a neighbouring school at the beginning of each term unless there has been a house move or there are exceptional circumstances.

Before admission, parents/carers will be asked to complete an admission form and to sign a Home – School agreement.

The standard number for admissions at this school is 30 children per class. The governors are committed to keeping class sizes at this level where they are able, as they believe this will enable the school to provide the best education for the children.

If there are already thirty children in the class you wish your child to join, you will be told that there is no place currently available.

If a child is refused a place, parents have the right of appeal and should contact the Lancaster Education Office for further details.

People planning to move into the area are welcome to view the school. However, places will only be offered in those circumstances when the move has actually taken place

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